Thursday, July 3, 2014

About Me

So here it is! The About Me post! I'm just gonna start off with some basics, and if you have any other questions about me shoot me an email at!

Ok, so 1st I have lived in this little town in East Texas called Tatum all my life. It's small but I have some great memories out here and have learned great things!

A absolute wonderful person I would like to talk about is one of my best friends who has really inspired me to go after my passions! Lauren! By the way shes started her own blog too! Check her out Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. She cosplays, does Princess Parties, and comes over to my house to dye my hair among other crazy costume/makeup stuff. Here she is as Elsa!

Also I have a loving family who drives me crazy! To start out I have my crazy, wild, and gorgeous sisters! We may have our crazy fights but in the end their my best friends! And we crochet and knit together like a bunch of old biddy's, but we make some pretty cool stuff! BIG NEWS: Our Etsy shop "The Knotty Sisters" will be up and ready for sales this October!  
And then finally I have my parents, which if not for them I wouldn't be the woman I am today! Literally, my existence is thanks to them. ;3

As I've told yall in my About Me one of my great passions is my Makeup. I love beauty stuff of course but, my favorite thing to do is Special FX makeup! Here's a photo of me and my old roommate at RenFest 2013 as a scratched up Little Red and a fairy.

I'm also very involved in music, art, swimming, DIYing, cooking, and my furr babe Toby!

So that's all I can think of right now, but as always if you have any questions email me or comment below!

Thanks for tuning in today and I'll see you next time!
Love you bunches,

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