Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy 75th Batman!

Hello Everyone! So I just wanted to a quick chit chat and talk about something amazing!!!

As of this week it is the 75th Year of Batman! 
That means that this glorious cape crusader has been kicking butt and taking names into the hearts of people all around the world for 75 YEARS! I remember sitting in front of my TV memorized by this show, nothing in the world could tear me away when it came on. (I got even more excited when Scooby Doo had Batman and Robin on their show too)

The evolution and spin offs of Batman are simply amazing too!
I was actually walking through the local comic store and looking at the Batman Section the other day and was amazed at all the different spin offs and such. I have been meaning to start the comics and seeing all these have motivated me more now. Now I'm pretty interested with all the different ones! Can't wait to start them all!

What's your favorite Batman? Comment down below!

Also have you seen all the Batman merch at Hot Topic lately? If not, go check it out!
One of my good friends got me this awesome Batman Beanie for my birthday this past weekend! Guess who loves their beanie!

Thanks so much for stopping today!



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  1. Love Batman! My favorite is the 1960's series. Campy goodness and the greatest Catwoman, Julie Newmar.