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Hello Everyone! My name is Sami B I am the author of Beauty with some Geek. I am a 19 year old fangirl of everything geeky and nerdy living in a little ol' town in Texas with my family and my furbabie, Toby. I've lived here all my life and I always felt like I was being trapped in a imagination, self expressing concealing box kind of thing, so in short I was pretty bland. BUT after going off to college I tore off that lid and now I am the crazy, expressive girl your reading about now. 
In short here's my story:

Growing up I didn't have a whole lot of self confidence and I knew that I had these awesome talents but I was just too afraid of using them due to bullying and not being "cool." Plus I didn't think that I would be accepted because these weren't things that "normal" girls do. But when I headed off to college I met all these people who were so geeky and nerdy and I loved it! In short I began to climb out of this box that I had made so long ago to protect myself from all of the social bashing I thought I would receive. When I finally made it out I had so many people embrace me and I then ended up meeting some people who were in fact just like myself! I learned that the beauty guru side of me and my geeky side could co exist in perfect harmony! 

So Thanks for checking this out and if you have any questions you can email me here!


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