Friday, July 25, 2014

Starting Youtube? What?!

Hello Lovelies!
How are all of you on this fine day???
Today I just wanted to do a quick chat about the start of my YouTube channel. At the moment I have nothing posted. Mainly because I have no idea what to post first, second I haven't had a good camera, and third.... (honestly)...... I've been pretty lazy. 
So now I've decided to stop procrastinating and film my first video this weekend! 
But I need your guys help! What is something ya'll would like to see? Beauty, fashion, DIY, Geekery, Special FX makeup????? 

Comment down below and tell me what you would like to see in my first video! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

2 Months Away?!?!?!?

Hello Lovelies! 
So I just had a crazy realization!
Halloween is only two months away!!!!
Now Halloween is most defiantly my favorite holiday for obvious reasons, the crazy costumes and makeup! And this year I'm so excited BUT I have no clue what to dress up as! Here's an example of the past few Halloweens.

Ren Fest Halloween Faire 2014

Makeup for Ren Fest 2014

Hipster Zombie for College Halloween party

Skeleton Ringmaster Haunted house 2013

Sugar Skull 2012

So There's a few I've done and I'm trying to decide what to do this year cause I'm going full out! Costume, props, makeup, everything! But I need help because I'm kind of unsure what to do this year, any suggestions? Comment down below with whatever you think I should do! Go ahead and comment what your gonna be this Halloween too, if you already know ;D

Thanks for stopping by 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy 75th Batman!

Hello Everyone! So I just wanted to a quick chit chat and talk about something amazing!!!

As of this week it is the 75th Year of Batman! 
That means that this glorious cape crusader has been kicking butt and taking names into the hearts of people all around the world for 75 YEARS! I remember sitting in front of my TV memorized by this show, nothing in the world could tear me away when it came on. (I got even more excited when Scooby Doo had Batman and Robin on their show too)

The evolution and spin offs of Batman are simply amazing too!
I was actually walking through the local comic store and looking at the Batman Section the other day and was amazed at all the different spin offs and such. I have been meaning to start the comics and seeing all these have motivated me more now. Now I'm pretty interested with all the different ones! Can't wait to start them all!

What's your favorite Batman? Comment down below!

Also have you seen all the Batman merch at Hot Topic lately? If not, go check it out!
One of my good friends got me this awesome Batman Beanie for my birthday this past weekend! Guess who loves their beanie!

Thanks so much for stopping today!



Monday, July 21, 2014


Hello, hello everyone! Long time no see! So sorry about being away for so long but that's what life does sometime! I know in my last post I gave a small sneak peak that this post would be all about Kawaii and the day has come!
Kawaii is this absolutely adorable style that I am in love with that comes from the streets of Japan. The two styles I am enjoying the most are the sweet dolly princess type as you can see below. These outfits are modeled by the amazingly cute Alexa Poletti, a model for Gothic Lolita Wigs and one of my favorite bloggers!

The second type is Gothic style. Now I've always liked this style and I think it's because I like the darker style with all the black (a main part of my wardrobe), chains, and even leopard print when I'm feeling a little Nana Osaki inspired. Here's a few examples that I found. 

(Found on Google)

and more Alexa Poletti!

Can you tell where most of my style inspiration comes from lol ;p

And while were talking about my Kawaii style muse can we take a moment and look at these wigs!? Amazing correct! My favorite right now is a tie between the Gothic Lolita Wigs Rhapsody collection in Burgundy and Sax Fade. I want them soooooo bad and it might just be my next purchase! ;D

Well that's all for today! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Update!! Where have I been?!


Hello my lovelies!!! 
I hope all of you had a absolute wonderful 4th of July Holiday! I know I did! What did ya'll do? We had tons of food and great fireworks! And surprise surprise guess who came over to hangout..... Lauren!!! We had an awesome time hanging out all day! Here's a pic I even managed to catch during our great firework show!
Thanks Tyler for the great show!

I wish I had more pictures to show but my camera isn't the best right now :/

So what all did ya'll do for the holidays? And what would ya'll like to see in future posts?

As always if you have any questions or comments leave them down below or even email me!

Love you Bunches!

P.S. Nest post is all about a new fashion that I've fallen in love with..... KAWAII!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Geekin Out!

OMYGOSH GUYS! So I know I just recently started this blog and since then I have been reading other bloggers (duh) and my new favorite one is GLITZY GEEK GIRL (check her out)! One of her most recent posts was about the premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal! The trailers below and I'm so excited!

 Now before reading this I semi kind of knew what Sailor moon was mostly just from my best friend Lauren talking about it, but I became really interested in reading it plus I hadn't read a good manga in a long time. I am freaking addicted!I can't wait to start watching the original show and seeing the new one air the weekend on the 5th!

So far I really haven't been able to choose a favorite Sailor (unlike Lauren who is all about Sailor Neptune) BUT what I do know is Sailor Moon  and Tuxedo Mask have the freaking cutest relationship ever! I mean just look at them..... 

They are literally the most adorable thing I have read about, and I read a lot of books. I don't know, it's something about their affection for each other and how they always want to protect one another that gets me! Ahhhhh... to have a Tuxedo Mask would be awesome........... hehe. 

Now another big thing is the design that I've been looking at, it you read my most recent post, About Me, then you would know I'm into art. All through out middle school all I drew was anime so the different types and such interest me. Like the picture below of the original Sailor Moon and the new Sailor Moon Crystal.

Now, I don't know if you know but Bunny (Sailor Moon) is in her early teens at the beginning of the series. I just can't shake it that the original Bunny (left) looks more like a young adult and the new Crystal version (right) looks like a young teen. And ironically I think I like the older look for her. And this may all be because of the more romantic side of the story. Like her deep romance with Darien, I think it deserves the more mature look.

Whew! I am so pumped for this! I know what I'm doing this weekend! SAILOR MOON MARATHON! What are yall doing for this holiday weekend?

As always if you have any questions make sure to email me or comment below!

Love you bunches,

About Me

So here it is! The About Me post! I'm just gonna start off with some basics, and if you have any other questions about me shoot me an email at!

Ok, so 1st I have lived in this little town in East Texas called Tatum all my life. It's small but I have some great memories out here and have learned great things!

A absolute wonderful person I would like to talk about is one of my best friends who has really inspired me to go after my passions! Lauren! By the way shes started her own blog too! Check her out Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. She cosplays, does Princess Parties, and comes over to my house to dye my hair among other crazy costume/makeup stuff. Here she is as Elsa!

Also I have a loving family who drives me crazy! To start out I have my crazy, wild, and gorgeous sisters! We may have our crazy fights but in the end their my best friends! And we crochet and knit together like a bunch of old biddy's, but we make some pretty cool stuff! BIG NEWS: Our Etsy shop "The Knotty Sisters" will be up and ready for sales this October!  
And then finally I have my parents, which if not for them I wouldn't be the woman I am today! Literally, my existence is thanks to them. ;3

As I've told yall in my About Me one of my great passions is my Makeup. I love beauty stuff of course but, my favorite thing to do is Special FX makeup! Here's a photo of me and my old roommate at RenFest 2013 as a scratched up Little Red and a fairy.

I'm also very involved in music, art, swimming, DIYing, cooking, and my furr babe Toby!

So that's all I can think of right now, but as always if you have any questions email me or comment below!

Thanks for tuning in today and I'll see you next time!
Love you bunches,

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hello and Welcome!

Hey there lovelies and welcome to Beauty with some Geek!

My name is Sami!

Throughout this blog I will be displaying all sorts of things.As you can tell from the title I am trapped in between the worlds of beauty and geekery! I love all things beauty: Hair, makeup, fashion, nails, you name it! But I am also a huge Geek, which means tons of DIY, cosplay, special FX makeup, prop making, the whole nine yards! 

I hope you join me on this adventure and we have lots of fun along the way!
Go Check out the rest of the blog!

P.S. My next blog will be a About Me! Comment any questions you have below and Ill be sure to add them on!