Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wear it Wednesdays! Harry Potter!

Hello Lovelies!
Now I know what your thinking, your either thinking,
A. Another Harry Potter thing? Really?
B. Yay! Another Harry Potter thing!

Well for all of you who chose A. come back next week there will be a different subject then.
And for all of you who chose B. then rock on Potterheads and keep reading!

Now for today's Wear it Wednesday there is this video by this wonderfully geeky fangirl named Tessa Netting (whom I would love to meet!) and she's done a few Everyday Cosplays I love. Here's one she did a while back featuring these Harry Potter house snapbacks!

Shes also done a Everyday Cosplay Doctor Who and Elsa from Frozen!
Go check out her stuff!

Also to go along with the HP Everday Cosplay I am rocking one awesome Deathly Hallows Ring that I made myself!

Comment below if you would like a tutorial! 

Well that's it for today! 
Thanks for stopping by!