Monday, August 11, 2014

Sick?! RenFest 2014?!?! Wear it Wednesdays?!?!?!

Hello, Hello my Lovelies!

So first things first, I'm so sorry for being gone and unfortunately not being able to post but I have been sick lately which had weakened me and made me sleep ALOT!
But I am back and ready to tackle my blog once again! 

Second, Ren Fest 2014 is fast approaching! And I'm soooooo excited! Me, the boyfriend, and some friends decided that we are going to the All Hallows Eve Day this year which means costumes!!!! 
I'm so freaking ecstatic because this is the one time that my boyfriend agreed to Cosplay with me! For the past few months I've been trying to come up with a few ideas of who we could Cosplay. Now, I thought that he would be an absolute wonderful Thor! So my brilliant idea was for him to be Thor and I could do a genderbent Loki. Because ..........
1. I really want to fabricate those horns and staff  :D
2. The costume would look amazing!
and 3. Why the heck not!

He had to ruin my amazing plan and say "Wait, wouldn't that make us siblings?" 

So now me and him are at a crossroads. Anyone think of anything we could do?
At the moment my next brilliant plan is to maybe him still be Thor and maybe I would do the new female Thor Marvels coming out with??? I don't know. Maybe? ..... Confusion!

Lastly, I want to talk about Wear it Wednesdays! Now I love clothes, a lot lol and I don't really have a set schedule of certain days I post or a specific subject until now! Wednesdays will now officially be dedicated to geeky fashion. I'm hoping to do a lot of of Disney Bounding outfits and everyday Cosplay. Even if I can't wear them myself I still want to find different outfits that will maybe give you all a little inspiration. 

Well that all for today!
Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I love everyday cosplay outfits, I do my own every Friday :) I love Disney too so looking forward to the Disney bounding outfits!


    1. Thank Jessica! Hope to have them up soon!