Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Essentials: From my Special FX kit and the Drug Store!

Hello Lovelies!
If you have never read the About Me post I did a few months back then you probably wouldn't know this fun fact, but I am a special FX makeup artist. So of course Halloween is my favorite holiday.

If any of you happen to be struggling with costume makeup here are a few of my Halloween essentials on a budget and in my Special FX kit:

***Liquid Latex***
Liquid latex is the bomb! It's absolutely my top essential when it comes to Halloween. Its perfect for making zombies, prosthetics, wounds, and over all fun to play with. And if Liquid latex is too pricey for you try plain eyelash glue for a cheap dupe.
(Can be purchased at most Halloween stores and drug store.)

***Fake Blood***
Now when it comes to blood I am soooooo insanely picky, haha. I love to use Gel blood (which is my second favorite thing next to latex) but when I don't have enough of it or I need to cover / splatter something in blood I use Jug of Blood from Spirit Halloween. BUT I believe that Jug of Blood is way too red so I then add just a touch of black or dark navy blue cream paint to get my desired color. You could also make your own blood from common house ingredients (corn syrup, coco powder, and red food coloring) but I have never tried it personally.
(Can be purchased at most Halloween stores or home made.)

***Spirit Gum and remover***
Spirit gum in awesome for attaching all kinds of creepy prosthetics to your body. Just make sure you get the remover too because it can be a pain to get off!
(Can be purchased at most Halloween stores.)

This right here is awesome way to amp up your costume. A lot of Halloween stores have tons of different prosthetics you can choose from. Ranging from small to full face! You can also make your own prosthetics using gelatin or liquid latex.
(Can be purchased at most Halloween stores or homemade.)

***Basic Powders and Pallets***
Now this is so important to every look on a budget. If you don't have any expensive special FX pallets its OK! All you need is some good eye shadow, face powders, and blushers. I always make sure I have a wide variety of colors so I can shade anything from bruises and wounds to whimsical and fantasy. For any FXers out there I like to use my Skin Illustrator Pallet FX pallet for my bruises and wounds.
(Can be purchased at the drug store and online at

 Here is a look I did a last year using almost every essential listed above!
*Liquid Latex and toilet paper to make the scars prosthetic.
*Gel blood mixed with a bit of dark blue for the fresh wound look.
*Red, brown, and black eye shadow for the shading. Concealer to blend my prosthetic. Dark red lipstick to help with the wet look so the entire scar wasn't covered in gel blood. 

And here's a bruising example using the Skin Illustrator pallet. 

That's it for today! 
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Halloween!