Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday Rant on a Tuesday!

Hello lovelies!
Due to me being sick yesterday my Monday ranting comes on Tuesday this week.

Just a little update on me and a few awesome things that have happened lately.

Has anyone seen Maze Runner yet? I went to see it on Saturday and I thought it was wonderful! I loved the story and now I'm super anxious to read the books! 

I was really confused at first and it reminded me a lot of Hunger Games at the beginning (the whole making children fight for their survival and using government based technology to fool them). And I'm 90% sure both of the big bosses, President Snow and Ava Paige, are both wearing white. Coincidence? Most likely not, I just notice weird things. Comment below if you thought anything like that too.

For all you crocheters out there, here's a bit for you. I'm pretty sure I have found my new favorite slouchy beanie pattern! 

I found this pattern through Ravelry.com which in my opinion is the best thing ever right next to Pinterest! 
Originally there was no pom on this pattern but I liked poms and added one anyway.
If you like this pattern as much as I do then you can get it from Salena Baca on Ravelry here.

Last thing! Halloween is next month and I'm so excited! Here are two new makeup ideas that I found inspiration for on Pinterest and tried out myself recently!

The first one was a interpretation of this picture here.
The second was inspired by all the skulls and sugar skulls I've been seeing lately.
These both were a lot of fun and I can't wait to try another one! If you all see something you would like me to try comment below and I'll give it a go!

That's all for today!
Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Your beanie looks wonderful! I really like the second makeup look. :)


  2. Thanks a lot Amy! The second one was my favorite too!